Prices of Services and Equipment

Before choosing each package, take this point into consideration that the services are offered in different cities and telecommunications centers provided that the required facilities are available at the respective telecommunications center. To check if your desired service is available at your local telecommunications center, just call Shatel Sales experts (phone number 91000000) or send your order through Shatel website.

Please remember that when buying packages online, as you log into the online shopping site, you must first check the availability of the service at your local telecommunications center. Moreover, to have a direct access to the list of telecommunications centers, you can click here.

To use ShatelMobile services and products or to purchase a ShatelMoblie SIM Card or top-up your SIM card, go to ShatelMobile website.

Shatel’s Fair services are offered to Shatel users in two types of Silver and Bronze with different conditions and features. The advantages and features of these two services will be compared.
Fair Services with Silver services and support

Service Speed (Kbps) Total Fair Usage Threshold (GB) International Traffic Volume (GB) Service Price (Toman)
512 25  12.5  20,280
1024 40  20  32,500
2048 65  32.5  40,560
3072 75  37.5  56,810
4096 160  80  75,000
8192 350  175  93,750
16384 700  350  150,000
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*Package Code:517641
Fair Services with Bronze services and support

Service Speed (Kbps) Total Fair Usage Threshold (GB) **International Traffic Volume (GB) Service Price (Toman)
512 16  12,500
1024 24  12  20,000
2048 32  16  25,000
3072 44  22  35,000
4096 60  30  40,000
8192 80  40  50,000
16384 120  60  80,000
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*Package Code:517274
FairLight Services with Bronze services and support

Service Speed (Kbps) Total Fair Usage Threshold (GB) **International Traffic Volume (GB) Service Price (Toman)
4096 20  10  20,000
8192 25  12.5  25,000
16384 40  20  40,000
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*Package Code:517296
You can compare the features, advantages and disadvantages of Shatel Silver and Bronze services in the following table.

Features Silver Services Bronze Services
SLA 99% 98%

In addition to 24-hour support and automated customer support (ACS) that both FairSilver services and FairBronze services benefit from, Shatel FairSilver services will also benefit from free on-site support (twice a year), free shipping of documents and equipment, priority at the call center, protection against DDoS attacks, access to Game Profile for free, and Firmware Update. Undoubtedly, FairBronze services can also benefit from the above mentioned services based on the tariffs.

Users can also purchase these services as three, six, and twelve month subscriptions. The purchase of the service in the form of a six-month and one-year subscription will be subject to a discount of 5% and 10% respectively. Please note that the fair usage threshold for periods over one month will also be calculated according to the above table.

*5% of service FUP has been added to the Internet allowance to increase users’ confidence interval of internet usage calculation

**Given that the domestic Internet Usage tariff (Iran Selected Websites) is calculated at half price (half of the International Internet Usage), the total monthly Fair Usage Threshold, which means the domestic Internet usage that can be used by each service, will be twice as much as the International Usage.

In addition to more than 1,000 Iranian websites on which your data usage is calculated half price, you can use the content of some Iranian websites without your data usage being calculated. These special conditions have been offered following agreements made between Shatel and these websites to satisfy users more than ever.

-The Internet use on local messaging applications, approved by Communication Regulatory Authority, is calculated at a third of the cost.

The monthly FUP of each service is a certain number of Gigabyte that is considered as the monthly allowance of each service. The FUP is fixed for each month and cannot be transferred to the months before or after. Therefore, if you subscribe to services of more than one month, you will not be able to use the total internet allowance of the service period in one month, and if you exceed the permissible monthly FUP, your service speed will be capped and reduced to the legal limit set by Regulation 266 of the Communications Regulatory Authority.

Package Name Domestic Internet (GB) International Internet (GB) Price (Tomans)
0.5 GB 1 0.5 1,000
1 GB 2 1 2,000
3 GB 6 3 6,000
5 GB 10 5 10,000
10 GB 20 10 20,000
20 GB 40 20 40,000
50 GB 100 50 97,000
100 GB 200 100 190,000
200 GB 200 400 360,000
500 GB 500 1000 850,000
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Given that the domestic Internet Usage tariff (Iran Selected Websites) is calculated at half price (half of the International Internet Usage), the domestic Internet traffic for each package will be twice the International traffic.

*The Internet use on local messaging applications, approved by Communication Regulatory Authority, is calculated at a third of the cost.

Consider the following points about the services:

  • Based on Shatel’s incentive policies, by paying 10,000 Tomans per month and purchasing overnight traffic packages, customers can use their Internet service from 01:00 to 08:00 a.m. without the traffic being deducted from their account. The minimum traffic exchange guaranteed for this package is 5 GB of international traffic and 20 GBs of domestic traffic (traffic in Iran). Services that have been purchased along with an overnight package are called FG, and services that do not include overnight packages are called NFG.
  • It needs to be said that domestic traffic tariffs (on Iran selected websites) will be half (half of International traffic tariffs).
  • By Fair usage Threshold it is meant the maximum amount of traffic (send and receive) which is allowed in one month.
  • Users can use half the size of the service volume on International traffic. Furthermore, it’s possible for the esteemed users to use a combination of International and domestic traffic, in a way that they will even be able to use all the traffic on domestic traffic.
  • When traffic usage reaches the Fair usage Threshold, the speed of service is changed to the legal speed set forth in Resolution No. 266 of Communications Regulatory Authority. But customers can retrieve their original speed by purchasing traffic volumes.
  • According to the Fifth Development Plan of the country, the value added tax will be added to the previously mentioned prices.
  • For more information on how Shatel high-speed services tariffs are calculated based on the Resolution no.266 of Communications Regulatory Commission, you can read the descriptions here.
  • 24-hour support throughout the country is the common feature of all Shatel services.
  • Purchasing additional traffic is possible only via choosing traffic packages.
  • As the speed of downloading information (download speed) is displayed in kilobytes per second, to convert the speed of aforementioned services to kilobytes per second, you need to divide the service speed by 8. You can obtain more information on this by reading this article.
  • The speed of the services is according to the speed mentioned in the above table. While Shatel guarantees the speed of each service 95% of the time.
  • In the services introduced above, it is not possible to transfer the Fair Usage Threshold from each month to the next month, except for additional traffic which has been purchased and is transferrable to the next period for one year.
  • Based on resolutions of Communications Regulatory Authority the cost of setting up and installing these services is 15,000 Tomans.
  • Validity Period for the prices: All tariffs are calculated and approved according to the decisions of Communication Regulatory Authority and will be valid as long as no changes is made in prices by Communication Regulatory Authority.
  • The fees for Ranje and unloading subscriber’s lines by Telecommunication Company of Iran (according to Resolution No. 2 of the 323th meeting of Communications Regulatory Commission) is 60,000 Tomans, which will be added to the prices mentioned above.
  • The services offered to the subscribers of Shatel Company are subject to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) of the Data Communication Services, in accordance with the terms and conditions adopted at meeting No. 177 of Communications Regulatory Commission.
  • Click here to view the approved parameters.