Our Story

Shatel Group origins date back to acquiring the ISP and ICP licenses of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in 2002. The company started its operation with a team of 20 proficient experts, aiming at providing clients with Internet access services. Shatel activities were initially focused on the communication services, such as: Internet access using dial-up services and the international phone cards.
In 2003, with the popularity of internet usage, the formation of the radio services regulation in the country and the increasing need of all organizations for Internet services, Shatel Group managed to leave 300 providers of Internet and communication services in the country behind and acquire the Telecommunication Company’s PAP license, a coup which led to a remarkable expansion in the range of Shatel’s activities and services.
After acquiring the licenses, Shatel made a substantial investment to supply clients with extensive services in high speed ADSL2+ Internet access and the related supplementary services such as VPN,VOD,VODSL, as well as a network infrastructure for e-learning.
With the expansion of the Group’s activities, the various services and products were added to the Shatel basket, such as broadband in the forms of leased lines and wireless, as well as the special LAN and MAN connection setup solutions for the organizations.
As the pioneer of ADSL2+  services in the country, Shatel Group now enjoys the largest share of  the market, offering high speed Internet and supplementary services.
Today, a vast majority of internet users, organizations, and enterprises all over the country use Shatel high speed Internet services. Such a large number of customers, along with hundreds of thousands of users of Shatel Internet cards, and international phone call services have secured a respectable and reliable position for Shatel, turning it into a recognized brand among the country’s ISPs in less than 5 years.
The company’s creative managers and staff foster innovation and encourage the establishment of a more prominent market position and acknowledgement through achieving total customer satisfaction.